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Software Services

AES trained technical staff develops software specific for the task. The software it develops provides the necessary service as package programs or sub-software to meet user needs.

Software services:

Image Processing Software

1. Visualization – Observing hard-to-see objects

2. Image sharpening and restoration – Improving noisy images

3. Image acquisition – Interesting and high resolution image search

4. Pattern Recognition – Identify various objects in an image

5. Image Recognition – Distinguish objects in an image

Signal Processing Software

1. Static Signal Processing

2. Spectral Estimation

3. Sound Processing

4. Serial Signal Processing

5. Signal Filtering

Automation Software

1. Industrial Machine Automation

2. Factory Automation

3. Warehouse Automation Systems

4. Lighting Automation Systems

5. Greenhouse Automation Systems 


Teknopark Office : Yenişehir Mah. Ulubatlı Sok. KKÜ Teknopark 1.Ar-Ge Binası No:30/24 Yahşihan / KIRIKKALE

Phone: +90 850 532 7189