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Inspection Services

ES, is a type A inspection company accredited by TÜRKAK within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 Standard.

Within the Scope of Accreditation 

Ω Electrical Installation 
Ω Grounding Installation 
Ω Lightning Protection Installation 
Ω Residual / Leakage Current Measurement 
Ω Electrical Panel Visual Control 
Ω Electrical Panel Function Check 
Ω Thermographic Inspection

1. Liftingand Conveying Machines
1.A.1. Crane 

1.A.1.1. Overhead Traveling Crane
1.A.1.2. Portal Crane
1.A.1.3. Monorail Crane
1.A.1.4. Mobile Crane
1.A.1.6. Loader Kren 
1.A.3. Platform 
 1.A.3.1. Mobile Work Platform that can be upgraded
1.A.3.3. Hanging Access Hardware 
 1.A.3.4. Columned Working Platform
1.A.4.Vehicle Lifting Equipment
1.A.8.Pallet truck

2.Pressure Vessels
 2.A.2.Compressed Air Tank
2.A.3.Compressor Air Tank
2.A.4.Hydrophore / Expansion Tank
2.A.7.Liquefied Gas Tanks

3.A.1.Steam boiler 
3.A.2.Heating / Hot Water Boiler
3.A.4. Hot Oil Boiler
3.A.7. Hot Water Boiler

Inspection – Periodic Control Guide summarizes the differences between periodic control, inspection and maintenance works and the current regulations and legislations regarding these works..


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