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[row][one_fourth][service icon=”fa-check-circle” title=”AES Measurement, Inspection and Inspection” color=”gold” align=”center”]AES performs analyzes such as optimization stability analysis, decision support systems, transient analysis, short circuit analysis, selectivity analysis, compensation, resonance, harmonic and lightning protection / grounding systems that are needed by the organizations with the software it uses.[/service][/one_fourth][one_fourth][service icon=”fa-university” title=”AES Academy” color=”crimson” align=”center”]As AES Academy, we share the competencies of our expert team with you. [/service][/one_fourth][one_fourth][service icon=”fa-cubes” title=”AES Software Services” color=”green” align=”center”]AES, trained technical staff develops software specific for the task. The software it develops provides the necessary service as package programs or sub-software to meet user needs.[/service][/one_fourth][one_fourth][service icon=”fa-group” title=”AES Consulting” color=”deepskyblue” align=”center”]AES shares its experiences and experiences with you. Experience comes first among the things money cannot buy. Our experienced team is at your side to guide you. [/service][/one_fourth][/row][one][carousel auto=”yes” delay=”6000″][carousel_item src=”/%3Ca%20href=”https://www.aesinnovation.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/aes-sunum3.png”>“]AES[/carousel_item][/carousel][one]


Teknopark Office : Yenişehir Mah. Ulubatlı Sok. KKÜ Teknopark 1.Ar-Ge Binası No:30/24 Yahşihan / KIRIKKALE

Phone: +90 850 532 7189

E-Mail: info@aesinn.com