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AES Innovation was established by a group of engineers who undertook different positions in the industry for many years (15+) to produce Advanced Engineering Solutions. Its main field of activity is energy, software, vibration, accreditation, consultancy and analysis services.

AES, produces affordable solutions

In the focus of the solutions offered by AES; with the optimizations and analysis made in the institutions served, the expenses of the institution are reduced or the resources are used efficiently.

AES, is customer oriented

Before providing a service, AES holds a problem analysis assessment meeting with its customer, suggests alternative solutions and solves the problem with an engineering approach in line with customer requests.

AES, speaks to data

There are verifiable data behind the solutions produced by AES. It analyzes the data, solutions and presents to the customer with detailed reports.

AES constantly learns

AES ‘expert staff and academics with support continuously monitor current standards, regulations and software, evaluate and inform its customers.

AES Innovation

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Teknopark Office : Yenişehir Mah. Ulubatlı Sok. KKÜ Teknopark 1.Ar-Ge Binası No:30/24 Yahşihan / KIRIKKALE

Phone: +90 850 532 7189