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Due Diligence


AES, produces technical consultancy services within the scope of Due Diligince services. Due diligence determination, which can be useful in the general context of corporate governance and has created a wide range of issues that need to be constantly monitored and reviewed, can be requested and evaluated according to different situations and conditions.

  Due Diligince-EN  

AES Innovation TÜRKAK Akrediteli A Tipi Muayene Kuruluşudur.

Yenişehir Mah. Farabi Cad.
1. Ar-Ge Binası Kat: Zemin
No: 30/24 Yahşihan 71450

+ (90) 850-532-71-89


Teknopark Office : Yenişehir Mah. Ulubatlı Sok. KKÜ Teknopark 1.Ar-Ge Binası No:30/24 Yahşihan / KIRIKKALE

Phone: +90 850 532 7189